Monday, April 21, 2014

Ford's Star Quilt Is FINISHED!!!

I have nothing but complete love for this quilt!

I LOVE to make quilts, but designing a quilt and having it turn out is AMAZING!

I am glad I get to keep this one, for at least a little while. 

This quilt was made especially for the Peteetneet Quilt Show Challenge category. 

The orange multi pezzy print by American Jane is the challenge fabric for this year. 

The quilt finished size is 38.5" x 38.5"

Fabrics used- American Jane pezzy prints, pezzy multi orange. 
Kona solids
Michael miller cotton couture solids
Moda Bella bleached white. 
Pattern designed by me. 
The star was inspired by an oragami star my son made. The star is approximately 19" in diameter and is foundation pieced. 

Fords Star in Progress

My 13 year old son made this oragami star.  I fell in love it and decided it would make an awesome quilt!

Next I had him make a rubbing so I could make a foundation piecing pattern. 

Now for the fun part. Enjoy the pics ;-)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Stitches & Sew Forth April Mystery Quilt

Here are the darling fabrics for Morganson's April $29 Mystery Quilt.

Becky always designs such cute quilts!  You can never go wrong with one of her mystery quilts.

The quilts are always a very generous throw size.  (Binding and backing are also available for an additional cost.)

Give them a call to sign up!  801-465-9133

The Morganson's will also ship their kits!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Modern Asterisk READY for Quilting :)

The day has finally come to get this top all together :)  ...well, yesterday actually...

(I had to go out of town last week to help my daughter)

Section 1
So, this pattern is originally designed for a twin size bed, but my customer needs it to be queen size.

Section 1 & 2
With a few modifications, this pattern was easily modified to fit a queen size bed.

All three sections
My poor design wall was is NOT large enough, so the floor got enlisted ;)

One of the sections sewn up.
I arranged the blocks into three sections, according to the pattern, with a little shift in direction.

Two of the sections sewn up.
It went together REALLY quickly (THANK HEAVENS!) :-D

Ta-Da! All sewn!
Today, the top heads off to the quilter.  I cant wait!!

The finished size is 84" x 90".  I need it to be a titch larger so I added a 2" white border all of the way around.

I CAN'T WAIT (I know, I already said that ;))

Pattern: Modern Asterisk by Kimbery Bourne of Main Street Market Designs
Fabric:  Nearly all of the fabric was designed by Joel Dewberry from his Notting Hill Collection, ....and a few other of his collections.  Two of the chartreuse fabrics were not Joel's.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Modern Asterisk Update

I have been working on these DARLING blocks for quite a while now!

I am happy to say that all 18 medium asterisks are complete. 

All 57 small asterisks are complete :-)

And all 9 of the large asterisks are finished!

The large asterisks are 18.5". 

The medium asterisks are 12.5". 

The small asterisks are 6.5". 

The plan is to get this top all seen together in the next couple weeks :)

This quilt is for a customer and I am going to have the hardest time handing it over ;-)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Airplane Tray Caddies

Our friends had triplets this past December.  Three perfect, identical little boys.  About a month ago, it was discovered that all three of the boys have cancer, retinoblastoma, a rare form of childhood eye cancer.  One of the babies has already had to have his eye removed and all three are being monitored closely and treated every two weeks.  Aside from the regular 'horribleness' of the whole thing, their treatments are only available all the way across the country.

 The family's Blogspot HERE. Fundraiser Website HERE
So envision this, all three babies have to fly from Edmonton to Toronto every two weeks for the next two years.  Each infant must have their own adult traveling companion.  (Did I mention they also have a two year old?)  Also, only one infant may be on each row because there are only 4 oxygen masks per row.  They can't even sit by each other.

In an attempt to find ways to make this 4+ hour flight more manageable, their mother, Leslie found a few "Airplane Tray Covers" on Pinterest and requested someone make them a few.

Leslie's sister, Wendy, is my sister in law.  I have known their family since Wendy and I were college roommates and Leslie was just 3 years old.  Wendy asked me if I could come up with something that would work for them.

The jist is that you make a cover that slips over the tray.  While the tray is in it up position, the pockets of the caddy are all exposed and can be used for bottles, pacifiers, burp cloths and such.

I am sorry these pictures are so blurry :/  I will figure out this camera some day!

Each baby has their own color.  Green, blue and orange.

Side note- My daughters life long friend is expecting her first baby in June.  They have found out that their little girl will be born with severe congenital heart defects.  The family has made these cute stuffed giraffes to help raise money to pay medical expenses.  I figured that the triplets needed a giraffe for their plane rides too :) (The etsy shop to buy these darling giraffes is called TheStuffedGiraffe located HERE)

The following pictures are in a wacky order.  I have been blogging from my phone and the computer and this post is a giant mess! Sorry :(

The small navy blue bottom pocket would fit a cell phone or toy.

The navy pocket is just a short pocket over the top of a longer one.  I thought it might fit a toy or something.

The top pocket is long and goes all the way to the bottom.

I added a zippered pocket to each one along the side.  I don't know what they will use it for, but I thought it would be a good idea :)

The back side.  Virtually all of the fabric was designed by Emily Herrick, one of my dearest friends! The fabric collections are Technicolor, Going Coastal and Shore Thing.

Each is lined with a coordinating fabric.

I thought it might be nice if they rolled up.

Smaller elastic topped pocket for a pacifier.

Working on the blue one :)

This is the bottle pocket.  Leslie wanted it made so that when the tray went down, the bottle wouldn't fall out.

I figured a little elastic would do the trick ;D

The caddies are on their way right now via overnight post to Pennsylvania where sister Sara will fly from there Sunday to Toronto to Leslie and the babies, Mason, Thomas and Luke :)

Unfortunately the Giraffes wouldn't fit into the overnight envelope so they are headed up to grandma on Saturday so she can take them with her the next time she heads their way, in a week or two.

**another side note, Leslie's sister Kimberly is having twins in just about a month.  This wonderful family has their hands FULL!! (Thank heavens Leslie has 6 sisters, one awesome brother and two AMAZING parents)

The finished size of each tray cover is 17.5" by 10.5"